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Top 9 Enchanting Hairstyles for Navratri

05 Sep 2023
Top 9  Enchanting Hairstyles for Navratri

9 Hairstyle With Extensions 

Navratri, the festival of dance, devotion, and divine energy, is a time to celebrate in style. To complete your captivating Navratri look, you need enchanting hairstyles that match the vibrancy of the festival. In this guide, we'll delve into the history and significance of Navratri, explain why  Hairstyle With Extensions are crucial for this occasion, and present the top 9 hairstyles to help you dazzle throughout the festivities.

History and Significance of Navratri

Navratri, a Sanskrit word meaning "nine nights," is a Hindu festival that venerates the goddess Durga. These nine nights symbolize the battle between the goddess and the demon Mahishasura, representing the victory of good over evil. Navratri is celebrated with immense zeal across India and among Indian communities worldwide. It's a time for prayer, dance, and devotion, and your appearance plays a significant role in this celebration.

Hairstyles Are Important for Navratri

Hairstyles are a crucial element of your Navratri look for several reasons:

  • Completing the Look: Your hairstyle completes your overall appearance, enhancing the beauty and impact of your outfit.
  • Cultural Significance: Traditional hairstyles honor the cultural significance of the festival, connecting you to its roots.
  • Confidence Booster: A well-chosen hairstyle can boost your confidence, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the festivities.
  • Practicality: Durable hairstyles keep your hair in place during energetic Garba and Dandiya dances.

Top 9 Hairstyles for Navratri

1: Sleek Bun with Gajra

Achieve a classic and elegant look with a sleek bun adorned with fragrant gajra. This traditional hairstyle radiates grace and femininity.

2: Side Braided Ponytail

Combine the charm of a side braid with the practicality of a ponytail. This hairstyle keeps your hair secure while maintaining a touch of sophistication.

3: Messy Fishtail Braid

For a more relaxed yet chic look, opt for a messy fishtail braid. It exudes effortless beauty and complements traditional outfits perfectly.

4: Floral Crown Braid

Embrace the spirit of Navratri with a floral crown braid. This enchanting hairstyle adds a touch of festivity to your appearance.

5: High Bun with Hair Accessories

Elevate your style with a high bun adorned with traditional hair accessories. This regal look complements both modern and traditional outfits.

6: Half-Up, Half-Down Curls

Add a touch of glamour to your Navratri look with cascading curls in a half-up, half-down style. This versatile hairstyle suits various outfits.

7: Traditional Jura with Kundan Pins

Create an elegant statement with a traditional jura adorned with Kundan pins. This hairstyle exudes timeless beauty and cultural significance.

8: Twisted Side Ponytail

Opt for a unique twist on the classic ponytail by incorporating elegant twists. This hairstyle adds a modern twist to traditional attire.

9: Floral Bun with Hair Extensions

Achieve a mesmerizing look with a floral bun complemented by hair extensions. This hairstyle adds volume and drama to your appearance.


Navratri is a time to embrace tradition, culture, and spirituality while celebrating in style. Your choice of hairstyle can significantly enhance your Navratri look, reflecting the festival's vibrancy and significance. Whether you opt for a sleek bun with gajra or a floral crown braid, these top 9 hairstyles will help you shine throughout the festivities, radiating elegance and charm.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: Can I incorporate hair extensions into any of these hairstyles?

A: Yes, hair extensions can be used to add length and volume to most of these Navratri hairstyles, enhancing their overall appeal.

Q2: How can I make my hairstyle last throughout the night of dancing?

A: Use a strong-hold hairspray and secure hairpins to ensure your hairstyle stays intact during the energetic Garba and Dandiya dances.

Q3: Are there specific traditional accessories I should consider for these hairstyles?

A: Traditional hairpins, gajras, and Kundan pins are popular choices to enhance the cultural significance of your Navratri hairstyle.

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